About store theme compatibility

A theme controls your online store's organization, features, and style. Different themes have different styles and layouts.
Captain insure App is currently completely compatible with 105 official Shopify templates, and we will continue to update it to be perfectly compatible with more templates.
To ensure that the insurance widget runs smoothly, and looks perfect. We will check the compatibility of your theme with the app, if you are using a third-party theme or the developer has edited your shopping cart style, these situations may cause the insurance widget to display exception. Don't hesitate to contact us, and we will check your template and take care of the compatibility, we pay high attention to template compatibility issues, we guarantee that Insurance widget embedding is seamless and perfect, and no code will be added to your template, uninstallation will not have any residual code.

Captain Insure is a tool to create a self-funded shipping protection plan for your customers, We give the lead to the merchants themselves, Offset the cost of claims for damage, loss, or theft shipments. The premium set by the merchant will go to the merchant's account, We are not an Insurance Company, and do NOT Underwrite plans.

We value your feedback, please send it to "[email protected]".

or WhatsApp: +86 13065102919

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